When two parties reach an impasse, it’s time to call for help.
 Mediation, a voluntary, non-binding process, invites a neutral  third party in to guide the disputing parties toward a resolution.  The mediator doesn’t impose a decision. Instead she helps  you arrive at the decision on your own.

 There are no rules in mediation. It allows for cooperation and  creative solutions. It saves time, it saves money and best of all,  it saves relationships.

Insightful Mediation

When a situation seems unresolvable, how do you find common ground?

Our mediation and facilitation services are designed to cut through the emotional baggage and get straight to the heart of the matter.  By listening carefully and asking discerning questions, we help you see the central issue, illuminating the way to resolution.


Mediator - Karoline Bourdeau

Karoline Bourdeau

The most important quality in a mediator is the ability to listen. Because she was born with a visual impairment, Karoline Bourdeau has been cultivating her listening skills all her life.

She relied on her listening skills as she earned a two Bachelor of Arts degrees and a Law degree (JD) from Queen’s University, and she relied on them to earn certification from the Mediation Centre of Southeastern Ontario.

Trained as a lawyer in Ontario, Karoline is fluent in the language of the law, ensuring that all of her mediated solutions are built on a firm legal foundation.

Karoline employs a facilitative approach to mediation and believes that constructive dialogue and creating space for people to think are the keys to resolving conflict, preserving relationships and arriving at productive agreements.

~Karoline maintains a personal blog at thankingplace.wordpress.com


image of PotterPotter: Putting the “Sight” in Insightful Mediation

Potter is my 6th guide dog and 5th from Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. He was born in 2012. He is a Leo just like me. He is a good natured black lab.

He absolutely adores sweet potato treats and a certain orange ball. Word to the wise! As this guy did not graduate from Queen’s, he has no credentials and I would not trust his legal or any other advice. 

He will love you, and give you lots and lots of kisses if you let him. Please don’t let him if he has his working harness on. Once that comes off though, he can socialize with you all you want!

Potter can be found riding the Go Trains, Subways, Street Cars and sometimes Buses of Toronto, but he is hardly ever awake while riding. He loves his sleep and his snoring can wake up the deepest of sleepers. He has a sweet heart and big brown eyes. His ears are strange looking, but soft as ever.

                                                           ~He wants to help you with making your day a better one, even if it is a very stressful event.